Hi! My name is Beth and I am an Educational Leadership Consultant for Alpha Omicron Pi. I travel across the country to different AOII chapters to help them be the best that they can be. I grew up in Chicago, IL and I was initiated at the Lambda Eta chapter at Grand Valley State University, which is in Grand Rapids, MI (aka I'm a true Midwesterner!!). 

Here's some fun things about me!!

I love big cities, especially my home city of Chicago.

My favorite thing to do on the road is explore and go sightseeing! I am a sucker for a good adventure. 

I am a tried and true window-seat girl and my go-to travel essential is a good pair of wireless headphones. 

Next year, I want to go to law school!

I physically can't say no to a cup of coffee and my go-to is a Caramel Latte w/ Soy Milk! 

My blog is called Boldly Beth because my goal for this year (and the rest of my life) is to throw myself into every experience I'm offered, document those experiences here, and above all, live BOLDLY! Thank you so much for joining me on my journey! I hope you like what you read!!

♡ Beth