10 Reasons Being Home for the Holidays is Better this Year

Happy Sunday, everyone! If you read my last post, you know I'm currently home for holiday season and I'm LOVING every minute of it. One of my favorite part of the holidays is the copious amounts of Christmas cookies that my mom bakes, so naturally I'm snacking on a few of her most recent as I share this post with you all.

After four months on the road, I've learned a lot about myself and about the world. The biggest thing I have learned is definitely how to appreciate the little things, so I'd like to take time to share the top 10 reasons that this holiday season is even better than the first twenty one in my life!

1. My Friends/Family

Don't get me wrong, friends and family is an important part of EVERY holiday season, but being around people who have known me for longer than six days is a true blessing!

2. My Dogs

I have two dogs at home, a golden retriever and a black lab/german shepherd mix. Something about laying with my dogs under the light of the Christmas tree is truly MAGICAL.

3. Being Able to Leave my Shampoo/Conditioner in the Shower

As an AOII ELC, the chapters I visit are responsible for housing me. This means that I stay in either a chapter house or a chapter members apartment most of the time. I know this one sounds silly, but as I took my first shower of the holiday season, tears came to my eyes as I realized transporting my shampoo and conditioner to the shower with me each time was a thing of the past!!!! (for the next three weeks, that is!)

4. The Reunion With the Rest of my Wardrobe

Between August 12th and December 10th, I only came home twice, meaning that for the majority of my semester, all of my clothes lived in two less-than-fifty-pound suitcases. Leaving the majority of my wardrobe at home was a true testament to my will power, but even more difficult was constantly sending home the newest additions since they wouldn't fit in my suitcase. As you can imagine, this reunion was glorious.

5. Having a Go-To Conversation Topic

Honestly (and understandably), very few people outside of those involved with fraternity and sorority life fully understand my job, meaning most of my family and friends are extremely curious about how I spend my days.

6. Being Back with my Car

Since I fly everywhere and the chapters that I visit are nice enough to drive me to any meetings that I need to attend, I haven't had access to my own car since I left for training in July. Trust me when I say there is NOTHING more freeing than being able to take a three-hour Target run.

7. Having an Easily Accessible Place to Burn all of my On-the-Road Calories

Because I'm constantly traveling, most of my meals end up being at restaurants. Unsurprisingly, constantly eating out has started to take its toll in my health and being able to consistently go to the gym is a true blessing.

8. Watching Other People Take Finals and Not Having to Take Them Myself

I know this is a short-lived phenomenon since I'm going to law school next year, but I'm going to enjoy it anyway.

9. All My Law School Applications are IN!

Getting all my law school apps in before the holidays was an important personal goal, and it feels so good not to be worrying about them! Also, I was accepted into three schools already (with hopefully more acceptances coming in the new year!), meaning I'm going to law school no matter what!

10. Post-California Beth Really Appreciates the Cold Weather

The holidays are NOT the same when it's 75 degrees out.

Thanks for reading!! I'll check back in with you all soon!

♡ Beth


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