Bye, Fall Recruitment Visits!

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

So I'm really sorry that I suck and haven't written a post since my first visit, but here we go! I'm recapping my first six weeks on the road. So, as I already wrote about, my first visit was with the women of Lambda Rho at Texas Christian University. After an amazing first visit and a few restful days off, I packed my bags up yet again and headed to the University of Connecticut for the Lambda Lambda chapter's work week. For anyone who is unfamiliar with

University of Connecticut's Campus

sorority life and sorority recruitment, work week is a recruitment prep week that typically takes place before classes start where chapters come together for sisterhood events and to learn best practices for the upcoming recruitment. My visit at Lambda Lambda was filled with love and light. I had so much fun getting to know the women and eating at just about every restaurant in Storrs, CT. The university was beautiful and it was really nice to be surrounded by green trees again after being in Texas. Also, they have an ice cream shop on campus that makes their own ice cream. Like absolutely, yes?? I would be 9 billion pounds if I went to school there.

After my work week visit, I flew back across the country to Boise, ID where the Beta Sigma girls showed me so much love and were so welcoming. Also, Boise is SUCH a cool city and I would like to take this time to formally and publicly apologize to my dad for saying he was weird for wanting to move there. Beta Sigma had an amazing recruitment and who is surprised, I got emotional on bid day, yet again. Their theme was "Alpha O Off the Wall" and they all wore vans and cute outfits. The new members all had so much fun and everyone was engaged with one another! The Vice President of Membership Recruitment (VPMR), Cassie, stepped into the position late and handled it with such grace. I felt so proud to be an AOII seeing their hard work and how much it paid off. The girls there were SO much fun and they made it extremely difficult to leave after recruitment was over. Boise also had this adorable golden

retriever puppy, which really made me miss Koda ♡. While I was in Boise, I also got the opportunity to explore, which was a miracle with the recruitment schedule. The Beta Sigma women took me up a mountain (A MOUNTAIN!!) to watch the sunset, which was by far one of the best sunset experiences of my life. Boise isn't that big of a city, so you can see the airport, the university, and the downtown area all from the top of the mountain. This was my first ELC experience doing something completely out of the ordinary for me (even though we drove up the mountain....). I'm afraid of heights and being next to the edge was spooky, but the view was absolutely worth it!

After Boise State, I flew to Southern California for my visit at California State Long Beach. I flew into LAX, which obviously required landing to "Party in the USA", and one of the Lambda Beta chapter's alumni picked me up from the airport. Being an LA native, she took me on a quick tour of the area and I got a few cool pictures of the beach. The Lambda Beta house had just been redone and had a beautiful rooftop patio that was perfect for catching some sun during the day or cooling off at night.

My next visit, and first general visit, was at the Xi Rho chapter at Sonoma State University. I spent a little under a week with these amazing ladies and then went on to some days off in San Francisco. SF is one of the coolest cities that I've ever been to. I know everyone always talks about how crowded California is, but that didn't truly set in with me until visiting San Francisco. There are houses EVERYWHERE. I don't know how they fit them all. It's crazy. I stayed in a hotel near the airport, where I was flying out of for my next visit, and took their public transit rail system, the BART, into the city each day. The day I arrived I spent most of

my afternoon exploring. I walked down some of the famous piers, did a little window shopping (and didn't buy anything!! Who is proud?), and took some fun pictures. On my second day, I worked in an aesthetic, but not air-conditioned coffee shop, which I could only handle for an hour, rode a rental bike into the city, and visited the Golden Gate. On my last day, I met some friends for tacos and drinks in the Mission District. The best part about my mini SF vacation was how independent I felt being able to do and see the things that I wanted. San Francisco also officially made it onto the list of cities where I am applying to law school, so who knows, maybe I'll be back!

This brings me to my FINAL undiscussed visit, Alpha Rho at Oregon State University. Okay, maybe I was a little bit more emotional than usual because Alpha Rho was my last fall recruitment visit, but these ladies made me SO proud to be an AOII. The VPMR, Madi, prepared everyone so well, and there was a calmness over the chapter during the rounds each day, which made the whole experience a lot of fun for everyone. On bid day, they welcomed home forty-six new members, which was eight above quota, meaning for the first time EVER, the chapter was at campus total. (Brief pause: for those of you not in Greek Life, quota is the number of new members each chapter can take and total is the number of members that can be in the chapter as a whole. Panhellenic Councils regulate these numbers at different universities to help achieve parity between the Panhellenic organizations.) Being at campus total is a really big deal, and watching the VPMR tear up excitedly as she told the chapter is an experience I will never forget! Not to mention, Corvallis is the cutest small town of all time. I really enjoyed the Oregonian aesthetic. Everything was warm and welcoming and I had a lot of fun in coffee shops waiting for the Alpha Rho women who were in class!

My fall recruitment visits were so much fun, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store for me! Check back soon for general visit updates!

♡ Beth