Updated: Dec 20, 2018

After six straight weeks in 80 degree weather, I found fall in Bozeman, MT! The temperature dropped 40 degrees for me, but I couldn't be more excited. Fall is my absolutely favorite season, and I was extremely worried that I wouldn't get to experience it at all this year, since it SNOWED in Bozeman the day before I got here. But the trees are all a gorgeous yellow, and the mountains are snow capped. It is unbelievable here.

I'm visiting the Alpha Phi chapter at Montana State University and they are some of the most genuine, sweet women that I've ever met. Their chapter house is gorgeous and is constantly abuzz with sisters hanging out, which I LOVE. You can tell immediately when you enter the house that these girls care so much about each other and friend groups/cliques are indistinguishable. They all want the best for each other and it was an honor to be invited into their home for the past week.

My time in Montana has definitely not come without a little bit of culture shock. The girls are all super into skiing and snowboarding, which I mean... duh, they're surrounded by gorgeous mountains basically on all sides. It's so hard not to imagine what it would've been like to go to school here. Skiing/snowboarding every weekend? That's so cool!! I think the coolest thing about the AOII house at MSU is how open it is to the community. Girls constantly bring their friends over to hang out in the dining room, and it's so cool that the AOII house can be such a welcoming beacon for those who aren't in the chapter, as well! During dinner one night, there were a few members of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity over, and I was blown away by their chapter tradition. They all get these HUGE belt buckles when they're initiated that have their letters, initiation date, member number, etc. on them and it's possible the most Montana thing I experienced during my visit, but it was so cool! They're all SO proud of them and they even give one to their sweetheart every year, which is adorable!

Downtown Bozeman is also such a cute area. There's a plethora of adorable coffee shops that I escaped the cold in and even more adorable boutiques begging me to spend money in them. AND there's no sales tax in Bozeman, so spending way too much money on a pair of pants from lululemon feels just a little bit better here than it would at home.

Check back soon for more! I'm more than halfway done with my first semester on the road. These first few visits FLEW by! I have already seen more of the country than I have in my whole life. I am so thankful for this experience!