Training is over, RIP

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Picking up where I left off, let's get back into training!!

Day 11 (August 2)

Today, we were trained on all the programs that AOII uses to communicate with members, to ensure that we're able to assist all the collegians we meet to the best of our ability. In the afternoon, we got to work through some scenarios that we'll likely see on the road.

Day 12 (August 3)

We finished up training on AOII programs today, as well as working through more scenarios. We got to role play with some fellow professional staff members, which was really helpful! In the evening, Kaya had us over for a delicious barbecue dinner, where we got to hear stories about being on the road from past Educational Leadership Consultants, which was AWESOME. It made us all so excited to hear about all the things we'd be experiencing!

Day 13 (August 4)

We got to wake up late today, YAY!! Afterwards, we had relaxed presentation practice at the AOII house we're staying in, which was so much fun!! We finished up around 4:00pm and then got to experience Nashville a little! We went boutique shopping and downtown.

Day 14 (August 5)

OUR FIRST REAL DAY OFF!! We all slept SO late. It was amazing. Our whole group went to see Mamma Mia 2 in the evening, which was FANTASTIC. I missed Meryl Streep immensely, but Lily James was so amazing, it was unreal. I left the theater and immediately downloaded the entire soundtrack, it's fine.

Day 15 (August 6)

Back to work, this morning, we got to film for our 72 Questions video. If you've never heard of these, Vogue makes them all the time with celebrities and they're so much fun! Filming was an absolute blast and the video turned out SO GOOD. Check it out here: In the afternoon, we learned about AOII communications, the AOII Emporium (which has some amazing custom bulk order deals, friends), and got to visit the AOII archives. I literally got to touch letters that our founders sent!! Shaunna and I got to look through Lambda Eta's box, and see everything from the year we chartered. How cool!?

Day 16 (August 7)

Today was long, but really packed-full of information. We all were trained in extension procedures and then dove deep into recruitment in the afternoon. We went through recruitment scenarios and went over logistics.

Day 17 (August 8)

WE GOT OUR SCHEDULES TODAY!! Check back for another post on my schedule.

Day 18 (August 9)

Today is our last day of training :( We got to meet with the current president of AOII

Fraternity, Gayle Fitzpatrick, which was so cool. We went to Jeni's for ice cream in the afternoon, and had a full staff farewell right before we left. Our staff gave us the sweetest gift bags with so many goodies inside. In the evening, we had our last supper, and said goodbye to the first of us. Bye Hallie, we still miss you :(

Day 19 (August 10)

Now that training is officially over, we're in full prep mode. Since it's raining in Nashville today, we're spending the day shopping for last minute things, sending emails, reviewing recruitment plans, and preparing. We said goodbye to Jordan and Rachel this morning. I leave for home tomorrow morning, so I'll check back in when I get to my first visit!

♡ Beth